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New Dex Template by BeanieGenie

This is probably one of the most complex templates that I've seen created over the past year. Your ideas really come together in a grea...


The spider that supped on all light by ZedKalEios
The spider that supped on all light
Light-devouring Spider Fakemon
Name Origins: Sindarin; Ungoliant.
Type: Bug/Dark.
Ability: Great Hunger/Unnerve.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 7' 5''
Weight: 901 lbs.
Evolution line: Does not evolve.

Izaga Dex entry: An eldritch spider that roamed the original Izaga-Ashido region following Izagi, Izami, and Amenushi's creation process, Goliant hunted down any who trespassed into her designated domain and devoured the life-force they bore to fuel her own, until being driven back by the Kami and Ashura to the hollows deep underground. It is said that she mated with Onigumo over the long years of darkness deep beneath Ashido, a testament to the Spider-King's prowess, and produced Ariados and Spinarak from that accursed union.

Ability Dex entry: Great Hunger; devours fire, light, and psychic energy attacks on the turn they are used against her, making them miss.

For those who may have missed the title reference, it refers to the Tolkien legendarium and the Silmarillion, the precursor to the Lord of the Rings, in which the monstrous spider Ungoliant in collusion with Melkor destroyed the Two Trees of light.

Base sprites (c) Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
Ye who draws me free, shall be proclamed the King by ZedKalEios
Ye who draws me free, shall be proclamed the King
Sword in the Stone Fakemon
Name Origins: Welsh; Caledfwlch+Ore.
Type: Rock/Steel.
Ability: Levitate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 4' 9''
Weight: 230 lbs.
Evolution line: Fwlchore [lvl up w/Mystic Water] > Caladmore.

Izaga Dex entry: Said to have inhabited the far distant Celtic lands during the Dark Ages, a mischievous Mismagius laid the Welsh King Ur and all his knights swords into one hundred lake-side boulders while they slept, unintentionally awakening the race of Fwlchore. In the long centuries since many a man, woman, and child has tried to pry those magically enchanted swords free to no avail. Only by bathing in the water of its homeland again will a Fwlchore relinquish the blade in its noggin, and even then only to a trainer that has earned its respect.

Base sprites (c) Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
Giratina waits, cold and hungry, lurking the abyss by ZedKalEios
Giratina waits, cold and hungry, lurking the abyss
Another Miiverse drawing, this time of Giratina Origin Forme.

Miiverse and Giratina (c)Nintendo, Game Freak.
Miiverse adventure art - KNIGHT Mii by ZedKalEios
Miiverse adventure art - KNIGHT Mii
Well this is an interesting branch from my traditional uploads. This deviation represents the four completed screens for a conceptual game - you are the titular KNIGHT, who finds his castle a smoking ruin one cold morn. Collecting your Sword(grade 2) and Shield(grade 1), you set out to confront the three monstrous bosses who laid your home and land to desolation; Act I, The Dragon on the farthing hilltop; Act II, The Drakul Bat in cave most dark; and Act III, Death itself before the valley of beginnings.

Having fought through mountains and barely lit caverns, a fresh domain awaits in the distance - New Camelot.

I never thought up a proper end screen to conclude things with. In between stages you were meant to upgrade your gear with each successive victory, so that though Death greatly outranks you in skill and size, it is still possible to deplete its energy and eventually reach New Camelot.

Miiverse (c)Nintendo.
Art and etc contained herein (c)ZedKalEios 2014. Ask permission before use.
Master smith, Ronin at heart, confined by honor by ZedKalEios
Master smith, Ronin at heart, confined by honor
Name: Ginji Kaname.
Moniker: The Ronin.
Home Town: Zugaikotsu City, Ashido Region.
Role: Ashido League Champion.
Age: Thirty-eight.
Battle Style: Dual Battle.

Element Supremacy: Ghost, Steel(w/Flying), Fire(w/Light), Water.
Current Team: Kotsuba(ID #41), Culkor(ID #17), Skarmory(J #203, H #115, AD #30), Kursune(ID #56), Makaio(AD #12), Kingler(K #99, J #167, H #269, AD #29).
Level Limitations: Eighty-three to Ninety-six.

Born to the Kaname House of the Geisha's in Zugaikotsu City's infamous Crimson District, Ginji's youth was spent around an absent mother, irresponsible half-sisters, and without ever knowing the man who claimed to be his father. While his feminine relatives danced as Kimono Girls, he turned to his grandfather's forge in Kitaeru City early on and plead his case for a life better spent as a warrior for Ashido's dying culture.

While the old man was strict, drunk, and oft times surly, he gave respect where it was due and raised his son's child in the arts of the Samurai and the Smith.

By the time Ginji was in his teens the political war between the Ashido League government and that of the Izaga League soon gave way to open talks of rebellion and secession. Just weeks later as the region became a military state, Ginji was drafted into the Ashido Militant Forces alongside the man that would one day be known as Division Lieutenant Izaya Tenryou and further on as Paladin and Lord Commander of the Cult of Izaya.

From their first meeting Ginji disliked Izaya. It became active loathing the longer the war progressed, but his own hardened code of honor kept his expressions to curt scowls and flat responses when prompted to speak to one another. Eventually, when Amega Oumi the then-current Izaga League Champion destroyed the AMF personally over scant weeks, Izaya fled their own dreadful encounter with the man before he could be swept to sea and drowned like so many of their brothers in arms. Ginji held his ground before the coming tsunami, refusing to bow his head or turn his back, however, and he watched his own death come to him with a tidal blow that shore the continental divide that much wider.

Whether it was fate, the will of some greater kami, or Amenushi himself that spared Ginji's life, the wounded Samurai awoke some time later to find a Kotsuba gnawing on his broken leg incessantly. Drawn by his spiritual code, the injuries dominating his flesh, and the instinct of destiny, the dead horse drew back as Ginji breathed deeply and rose upright by sheer tenacity. He was greeted by another man that would one day be famous, the Buddha Siddhartha Shakya, then a mere Buddhist Monk collecting the deceased corpses along Ashido's shorelines.

Siddhartha treated Ginji's injuries as well he could on the beach, and even loaned the man the pokeball that captured Ginji's signature Kotsuba, before hauling him on the dead horse's back to the nearby Temple of the Brooklet Waterfalls. There Ginji would spend the next two years recuperating; he was but a broken shell of the young man he had once been. His honor compelled him to repay Siddhartha's kindnesses, the only way of which would be if he himself recovered to a livable state of being.

As the years swept by Ginji returned to Kitaeru City to find his grandfather still alive and well at the forge despite Amega's ironfisted rule over the Neo Ashido League. There was no grandstanding, no heartfelt reunion, simply honor owed and honor to fulfill. He progressed again from the simple nail to horseshoes, to hammers, to plate, mail, and, eventually, swords. Heat breathed life into his fatigued muscles, vigor to his blood, familiar repetition to his state of mind.

When the old man finally died Ginji had inherited both a stronger body, spirit, and mind, but so too the shop of his father's honor. Between creating fresh material for the remaining Samurai trainers and trading out so far as Sandaia to the south when the ships came and Eastern Izaga above, he turned his mind to becoming a figure as great, and greater than, Amega Oumi. Once Amega retired to a simple man of the Izaga Elite Four, Ginji closed his shop and set about obtaining a fresh trainer's license.

The remainder of his life to date has been something of a curiosity. His journey to defeat the Ashido Gym Leaders and his work as a wandering smith brought renown to the Kaname House, whose name he still bore out of, again, honor. He gave credit for his prowess to Siddhartha's treatments, years spent in his grandfather's shop, and even the heraldry of his mother. Eventually he drew the attention of Soryu Gangerou, who trekked down and entered into Ashido through the Gates of Amega and commissioned Ginji to forge his Wyveon, Hiryu's, discarded scales into the mail-like clothing Soryu still wears today.

Their brief interaction gathered the media's attention. Soon afterward Ginji retired to Kitaeru City again to concentrate all his efforts on preparing for the Ashido Conference matches, but fresh orders began coming by the day, and he was honor-bound to fulfill them despite his desires to train. Thus, he soon converted the forge to a means of training his team as he, and then they as well, worked. In recent years he finally began to take on apprentices to aid him, and left the shop in their capable hands when he finally attended an Ashido Conference that would crown him as the latest Champion.

Today he heads the Ittoryu Sword School located in Hayameru Town alongside the Seventh Gym Leader, Hattori, training would-be Samurai trainers from near and far when his duties do not require his time at the Ashido League itself.


9/27: Fiddled with Ginji's palette, and from an old update he has also gained a hammer in both the trainer and VS sprites and lost the flag in the Smith background. I'm wondering about the salmon-y tone to the lightest shade, as it seems to come off... too pink. I wanted blue originally, then tried out gold, green, and gray/white to no avail.

Base trainer sprites (c) Nintendo
Final result and backstory (c) ZedKalEios
Originally posted Jun 13, 2013, 6:10:51 AM.

This idea came to me last year, while watching an episode of Pokémon. I started thinking about a particular ability based off of information I had read about the B/W season's beginning episodes, and that in turn brought me around to thinking on what kind of Fakemon would actually wield the ability I was imagining.

My on-going Izaga Region spritedex only has less than half of its entries filled, but this may have inspired me to work from the other end of the spectrum - rather than imagine a design or name first and proceeding from there, instead conceptualizing the ability first and positing how the creature(s) would come together from there.

So here we are. The Izaga Region Ability Dex, where I will continually update the list as the ideas come to me. If anyone else is also using similar ideas behind their abilities, no plagiarism is intended. I haven't browsed the site looking for ideas to steel. Nominally I create an ability at the final stage - sprite done and uploaded, filling in types, weight, and index information. If I can find an official ability that fits, most of the time I'll fall back on that.

If you'd like to use any of these, contact me first!

Ability Dex
By alphabetical order;

Blistering Tundra.
Found on; Koriub, Koriorve, Koriursa.
Description; While Hail is in effect, this Fakemon is immune to burning and fire-based attacks.

Broken Spirit.
Found on; Senseon.
Description; Senseon's stats, IV, and EV intake are reduced by half.

Burning Spirit.
Found on; Torphite.
Description; This Fakemon can not be frozen, paralyzed, or poisoned so long as it has less than 50% health.

Dragon Nature.
Found on; Kyurem Origin Forme.
Description;Any and every time this Fakemon is knocked out by a physical move, after revival it will automatically reduce the damage received by that move by one-sixth the next time it is hit. OHKO moves are completely nullified after the first time.

Found on; Mewthree Harrow Forme.
Description; Boosts Sp. Atk, Sp. Def of the lead Fakemon after every turn, including swapped partners for five turns.

Future Sight.
Found on; Mewthree.
Description; Predicts the opponent's move before it is used. If the correct move is predicted, that attack is completely blocked for that turn.

Hero's Choice.
Found on; Kyurem.
Description; If neither Zekrom or Reshiram are in the party, Kyurem changes Forme into its hollow state. If Zekrom OR Reshiram are in the party, Kyurem will merge with them and become Black/White Kyurem. If both are in the party, Kyurem will merge with them and change Forme into its original state.

Iron Soul.
Found on; Techibuto, Tetsubuto, Tekkubuto
Description; Any Fakemon in possession of this ability minimizes critical and super effective damage, allowing it to absorb multiple assaults without faltering.

Found on; Kotsuba, ???.
Description; All physical attacks deal an additional +10% damage, special +5%.

Found on; Izami Creator Forme, Izagi Creator Forme.
Description; Heals all team members by up to half of their maximum health points every three turns, if they are active. If fainted, it fails to take effect.

Found on; Jimeneon.
Description; If hit by a Rock type move, one tenth of their health is regenerated instead of receiving damage.

Sake Influence.
Found on; Organagi, Nagonagi.
Description; If confused, Organagi's attack and accuracy is diminished instead of hurting itself.

Separation of the Heart.
Found on; Izami Withered Forme, Izagi Withered Forme.
Description; If Izagi or Izami are in the party, the other will be incapable of entering combat.

Found on; ?
Description; Any Fakemon in possession of this ability absorbs the remaining PP of any Electric-type attack that contacts it.

Wyrm Strength.
Found on; Wyveon, Seuvern, ???
Description; Combines Levitate with one other ability as inherited from either parent, but disables the fusion from passing down to own offspring.


United States
Hey, thanks for stopping by. I've finally created a deviant art account to get some feedback on several of my designs, for a number of different projects.

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