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New Dex Template by Phon1cx
by Phon1cx

This is probably one of the most complex templates that I've seen created over the past year. Your ideas really come together in a grea...

Originally posted Jun 13, 2013, 6:10:51 AM.

This idea came to me last year, while watching an episode of Pokémon. I started thinking about a particular ability based off of information I had read about the B/W season's beginning episodes, and that in turn brought me around to thinking on what kind of Fakemon would actually wield the ability I was imagining.

My on-going Izaga Region spritedex only has less than half of its entries filled, but this may have inspired me to work from the other end of the spectrum - rather than imagine a design or name first and proceeding from there, instead conceptualizing the ability first and positing how the creature(s) would come together from there.

So here we are. The Izaga Region Ability Dex, where I will continually update the list as the ideas come to me. If anyone else is also using similar ideas behind their abilities, no plagiarism is intended. I haven't browsed the site looking for ideas to steel. Nominally I create an ability at the final stage - sprite done and uploaded, filling in types, weight, and index information. If I can find an official ability that fits, most of the time I'll fall back on that.

If you'd like to use any of these, contact me first!

Ability Dex
By alphabetical order;

Blistering Tundra.
Found on; Koriub, Koriorve, Koriursa.
Description; While Hail is in effect, this Fakemon is immune to burning and fire-based attacks.

Broken Spirit.
Found on; Senseon.
Description; Senseon's stats, IV, and EV intake are reduced by half.

Burning Spirit.
Found on; Torphite.
Description; This Fakemon can not be frozen, paralyzed, or poisoned so long as it has less than 50% health.

Dragon Nature.
Found on; Kyurem Origin Forme.
Description;Any and every time this Fakemon is knocked out by a physical move, after revival it will automatically reduce the damage received by that move by one-sixth the next time it is hit. OHKO moves are completely nullified after the first time.

Found on; Mewthree Harrow Forme.
Description; Boosts Sp. Atk, Sp. Def of the lead Fakemon after every turn, including swapped partners for five turns.

Future Sight.
Found on; Mewthree.
Description; Predicts the opponent's move before it is used. If the correct move is predicted, that attack is completely blocked for that turn.

Hero's Choice.
Found on; Kyurem.
Description; If neither Zekrom or Reshiram are in the party, Kyurem changes Forme into its hollow state. If Zekrom OR Reshiram are in the party, Kyurem will merge with them and become Black/White Kyurem. If both are in the party, Kyurem will merge with them and change Forme into its original state.

Iron Soul.
Found on; Techibuto, Tetsubuto, Tekkubuto
Description; Any Fakemon in possession of this ability minimizes critical and super effective damage, allowing it to absorb multiple assaults without faltering.

Found on; Kotsuba, ???.
Description; All physical attacks deal an additional +10% damage, special +5%.

Found on; Izami Creator Forme, Izagi Creator Forme.
Description; Heals all team members by up to half of their maximum health points every three turns, if they are active. If fainted, it fails to take effect.

Found on; Jimeneon.
Description; If hit by a Rock type move, one tenth of their health is regenerated instead of receiving damage.

Sake Influence.
Found on; Organagi, Nagonagi.
Description; If confused, Organagi's attack and accuracy is diminished instead of hurting itself.

Separation of the Heart.
Found on; Izami Withered Forme, Izagi Withered Forme.
Description; If Izagi or Izami are in the party, the other will be incapable of entering combat.

Found on; ?
Description; Any Fakemon in possession of this ability absorbs the remaining PP of any Electric-type attack that contacts it.

Wyrm Strength.
Found on; Wyveon, Seuvern, ???
Description; Combines Levitate with one other ability as inherited from either parent, but disables the fusion from passing down to own offspring.


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