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Fakemon-Makers entry/Izaga Dex #48, Adament. by ZedKalEios Fakemon-Makers entry/Izaga Dex #48, Adament. by ZedKalEios
Male Chlorophyl Fakemon.
Name Origins: Adam+Ent.
Type: Rock/Grass
Ability: Sap Sipper.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 7' 3''
Weight: 479 lbs.
Evolution line: Does not evolve.

Izaga Dex entry: Despite it's seemingly mossy exterior, Adament is almost ninety-nine percent solid rock beneath, and the upper torso and chest is particularly dense with pigmented plates. A slow creeper running through his core and occasionally breaking through to the surface allows for the nutrients he has collected during slumber to manifest in fresh camouflage even in winter months.

When he requires rest, Adament will seek out dense forests to nest in and then hunker down for a period of up to three years at a time, during which the root-like toes will sink into the ground and allow his creeper to dig deeply into the earth and drink freely.

Up to three acres a day can go missing when he is particularly low on nutrients, and on occasion the creeper will even dig into other roots to consume them from the inside out, thus destroying competing foliage and leaving nothing but decay for miles around by the time he finally awakens.

Legend says that he has been separated from and hunted for his opposite, Event, ever since Izagi and Izami began to feud thousands of years ago and the continent was sundered in half. He searches endlessly to reclaim his mate one day.


My entry for….

Base sprites (c)Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
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