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Izaga Dex 067, Izami, Withered Form. by ZedKalEios Izaga Dex 067, Izami, Withered Form. by ZedKalEios
Withered Form
Fallen Creation Fakemon.
Name Origins: Japanese; Izanami-no-Mikoto.
Type: Water/Psychic
Ability: Separation of the Heart
Stage: Basic.
Height: 11' 10''.
Weight: 660 lbs.
Evolution line: Izami [Suffering]> Withered Form [Purification] > Izami.

Izaga Dex entry: By entwining the fingers of her left hand into her husbands right, the halo at her back will become infused with the nature of creation, and allow for miracles to be brought forth.

New pokemon are born from their unity, or old ones reincarnated into new eggs, while wounds presented before them are sealed and injury regenerated from.

Because of their immense powers, they roamed the Izaga region and sought to keep a measure of peace. However, after breaking apart due to an incurable disagreement invoked by Hayasusa, their strength was lost, and in sorrow each fled to the opposite ends of Izaga and faded into obscurity- severing the ties to a physical body and pressing their aching spirit into the broken land in the end.

Withered Form: After being forcefully resurrected at the hands of the Cult of Izaya, Izami's body was reshaped by her anguished spirit into that of a dried, dessicated demon, which immediately set upon devastating combat with Izagi's nearby draconic figure. Their horrific fighting spread across the land and reshaped whole swathes of the Izaga Region, killing many and rebirthing many others in the process.

It was only by the intervention of their wayward children, Hayasusa, Kyotsuka, and Ohirasu, that the two were separated again and held at bay within the remaining Templus Ex Hokuto temples. Under that purifying Light energy, they were eventually becalmed again in the aftermath of the Cult's defeat.

Ability Dex entry: Separation of the Heart; If Izagi or Izami are in the party, the other will be incapable of entering combat.

Base sprites (c)Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
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