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Izaga Dex Secret Files, #074 Kyurem, Origin Forme. by ZedKalEios Izaga Dex Secret Files, #074 Kyurem, Origin Forme. by ZedKalEios
Origin Forme
Immense Boundary Fakemon.
Type: Dragon/Ground.
Ability: Hero's Choice/Dragon Nature
Stage: Basic.
Height: 20' 6''
Weight: 2159.5
Evolution line: Kyurem, Origin Forme [Impossible choice/DNA Splicers] > Kyurem, Zekrom, Reshiram [Unity/DNA Splicers] > Kyurem, Origin Forme.

Izaga Dex entry: In the far-away land of Unova, legend recounts a tale of one dragon befriended, raised, and ultimately shattered by a pair of brothers, each desiring one perfect outcome and way of living; one who pursued Ideals, and one who pursued Truth. In the end their inability to come together and their impossible demands of the dragon forced it to sunder into three, changing shape and Forme to better suit needs.

Several years ago in Unova, that legend turned out to be truer than most myths.

Dedicated research brought about by the legendary Tao trio's revival discovered Kyurem's natural wish to become one again with its divided halves, but not even Team Plasma's efforts could produce more than a single, temporary merging. Work produced in that time by Professor Juniper and the criminal Colress eventually perfected the DNA Splicers and found a means of temporarily combined the Tao trio into a single being again.

It is said that the trainer who had captured Zekrom/Reshiram bade goodbye to their partner and relinquished their ownership of the legendary entirely to the wanderer N, desiring that Kyurem never again be sundered by competitive human needs.

It is unknown when N arrived on the far-away shores of the Izaga region during his world travels, but he contributed to the settling of the Second Ashido Rebellion following the Cult of Izaya's defeat by Soryu Gengorou.

Origin Forme: Kyurem's hardy bronze skin and thick muscles are said to remember every blow it has ever been dealt. If it encounters the same move twice, it gradually acclimatizes itself to the damage dealt thereafter for the rest of its life. The danger it poses if ever stolen or persuaded to obey a human with dark intentions is paramount, and the International League database has trackers attuned to the movement of its current trainer, N.

Ability Dex entry: Hero's Choice; If neither Zekrom or Reshiram are in the party, Kyurem changes Forme into its hollow state. If Zekrom OR Reshiram are in the party, Kyurem will merge with them and become Black/White Kyurem. If both are in the party, Kyurem will merge with them and change Forme into its original state.

Dragon Nature; Any and every time this fakemon is knocked out by a physical move, after revival it will automatically reduce the damage received by that move by one-sixth the next time it is hit. OHKO moves are completely nullified after the first time.


An entry for Serebii Forums' GWSC Final Week, that being to create the original state of being for the Tao dragons. I used the fact that Zekrom and Reshiram look pretty different from Kyurem. Kyurem doesn't really have natural wings or much of a tail, both are actually made of ice as is part of its face. So I thought that the original dragon only gained wings and the expansive tale designs to suit the Heroes and their desires.

Base sprites (c)Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
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