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Izaga League Champion - The Fifth Herald. by ZedKalEios Izaga League Champion - The Fifth Herald. by ZedKalEios
Name: Soryu Gengorou.
Role: Izaga League Champion, 'the Fifth Herald of Five'
Age: Thirty-nine.

Element Primary Three: Bug.
Current Team:
Scycha(ID#11, Bug/Psychic), Onigumo(ID#37, Bug/Poison), Wyveon(ID#26, Dragon/Wyvern), Goliant(ID#46 Bug/Dark), Maikor(ID#47, Dark/Shadow), Mewthree(s/ID#72, Psychic, Ghost/Psychic)
Level Limitations: Eighty-six through one-hundred.

As with all incarnations of the Izaga League, the Champion's role is viewed differently than that of the other regions within the International Regions database, dating back to the time when humans first settled upon Izaga and Ashido.

That role is to ensure the safety of the people, and to herald the coming of the next successor to that position through a series of trials, which would be carried out by the Elite Four should the Champion themself be unable to attend to these duties.

Such trials would lay the foundation for what would evolve into the modern Gym Challenge centuries later, and spread outward back to those first settlers' own home regions the same.

Soryu is but one of several candidates that caught Amega's attention twenty years ago as having the potential to carry on the tradition and one day replace the aging members of the League.

He was a fledgling Ace Trainer of the Wyvern sub-type, and eventually expanded to the acquisition of many Bug types once he had mastered it over several years of effort. The very cloth he garbs himself in was said to be forged from the dropped scales of his Wyveon, Hiryu, during this period.

In the aftermath of the Ashido Rebellion and the stepping down of Amega Oumi, however, few follow-up trials were performed in order to ensure a new Champion inherited the lessons and skills of the predecessor, and much of the effort that would have been given to Soryu and the others was spent policing the lower and distinct region.

In order to put their own skills to the test, the abandoned Champlings began training and fighting one another every few months, and when a member of the League could spare the attention and time, one of them were scooped up again only to be left to their own devices all too soon once more.

Soryu eventually disavowed the traditional lessons at the hands of the Elite Four, even after it was clear that Ashido had been properly cowed, and brought together his other Champions-to-be to form their own succession trial - the Izaga Conference.

Amega begrudgingly accepted their views and brought his fellow members of the League to officialize it after seeing first-hand the growth they had attained with their own methods.

In recent times, Soryu has finally fought past the other Champlings and defeated the current Izaga League Elite Four - Petra Gorgos - Hirio Asir - Michael Shirrio - and of course, Amega Oumi himself.

With the sudden rise of the Cult of Izaya, he has fought hand-to-hand and tooth-for-tooth against Paladin Izaya and the resurrected Kami, and beaten them back by the abilities of the modern day legendaries - Mewthree itself.

No one knows how he was able to gain the allegiance of the monstrous entity, but it has crushed what resistance could be raised by Izaya and scoured the golems, Regiken and Regiryu, into bloody dust, unknowingly awakening Amenushi's raging spirit once more from his eon of slumber.

Base trainer sprites (c) Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
TheLapisLegend Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
does that say he has a mewthree in his team........really.......just, just no
otherwise its good
Megaross Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice. xD
ZedKalEios Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
Thanks :)
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