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Izaga Region Elite Four - The Fourth Herald. by ZedKalEios Izaga Region Elite Four - The Fourth Herald. by ZedKalEios
Name: Amegai Oumi.
Role: Izaga League Elite Four member, 'the Fourth Herald of Five'
Age: Sixty-nine.

Element Primary Three: Water.
Current Team:
Seadra, Koriursa, Relicaiou, Lucabys, Pterowl, Vaporeon.
Level Limitations: Sixty-two through eighty-five.


Born in the Fishbone Lakes, Amegai hails from the prestigious Oumi clan, one of the few renowned families that specialized in raising a particular type for generation after generation throughout the world.

Since a young age he has known the friendship of water-types, tended to their ills, aided in their upbringing, and understood their brutality first hand, and like the best of his kin, he has suffered his own injuries in the process of mastering the element.

By the age of thirty, his body was already strong enough to swim in the currents beside his then-team for hours, and it was upon one such trip around the edges of the Izaga Region that he first came upon Southern Izaga, or the Ashido Region.

His contact with the native trainers of the distant and tethered continent would set the tone for their relations in the next thirty-nine years, but for the time he vowed merely to keep an eye upon the strange people and their unwelcoming ways.

On his thirty-sixth birthday and the day of his sixth year of water mastery, Amegai proceeded to challenge the full Izaga Gym Circuit before taking on the old Elite Four and emerging victorious over the course of two and a half months, becoming the youngest Champion on record within the Izaga Region at that time.

Over the next thirteen years he worked to bridge the tensions between Izaga and Ashido, and when things fell through and into open warfare by the eighth such year, he stood vigil over the main strip of land linking the two planes together, and ultimately put and end to the Ashido Rebellion as of the thirteenth year passing, courtesy of the typhoons raised between the two Regions to drive back the Ashido Militant Forces.

Thereafter Amegai abandoned the outlook of peace in exchange for absolute obedience, and dismantled the entire Ashido League down to its very last Gym Trainer and capacity to issue official battles, courtesy of International Law and his role as Champion.

By the time he was through, however, the process had aged Amegai before his time. Fatigue and weariness forced him to retire from the Champion's position and step back to a mere member of the Elite Four after several years of overhauling, and he eventually retreated to the solitude of the Fishbone Lakes once more.

In a strange quirk during his last days in official power as the Champion, however, he issued one last mandate; the still-in-effect Wanderer's clause, allowing any standing member of the Elite Four to be challenged on the spot where-so-ever they may encounter a challenger.

While he retains his position as the final member of the Izaga League Elite Four, attending the bi-annual Izaga Conference, more often than naught he can still be found upon the Fishbone Lakes and guiding a new member of the Oumi clan.

Base trainer sprites (c) Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
Pan-Ko Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! your art so amazing!! Do you take request ?
ZedKalEios Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Thank you :)

Unfortunately, no requests as of this time. Perhaps in the future, however.
Pan-Ko Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok! :D
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