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Yami Gym Leader - Sabata by ZedKalEios Yami Gym Leader - Sabata by ZedKalEios
Name: Sabata Santos
Role: Izaga Region Gym Leader, 'the Shadow Trainer'.
Age: Thirty-seven.
Location: Yami Gym, Drakonwomb Island.
Badge Given: Yami Badge.

Element Choice Dark/Shadow.
Current Team: Kageon(ID#53, Shadow) x2, Shishiath(ID#50, Dark/Shadow), Lucabys(ID#31, Fighting/Dark), Maikor(ID#47, Dark/Shadow)
Level Limitations: Fifty through sixty.

Sabata is one of the esteemed few to be allowed to study and work alongside the handful of Shadow-type Fakemon known to the international region databases. His research under Professor Oleander a decade ago helped to contribute to the creation of the Shadow Plates used in the process of evolving Eevee into Kageon, one of the few stabilized artificially-created Shadow-types.

It is believed that the information they amassed at that time lead to the Orre Revolt and the XD Incident a short while later, where many false Shadow type Pokemon were engineered and eventually purified. Closing off the hearts of Pokemon and Fakemon are unable to properly harness the powers of the Shadow type , as proved in Shishiath - an artificial-reproduction of Maikor - and the semi-legendary itself, who both experience strong emotions and connection with Sabata himself.

Due to fear of further exploitation of the Shadow-type, the Izaga League moved Sabata's research station out from beneath Professor Oleander's laboratory and settled it to the northern edge of Drakonwomb Island in recent times, and he personally loaned Maikor to Champion Soryu for help in putting down the Cult of Izaya. He would later model his Badge after XD001, Shadow Lugia itself. It is unknown if he knew of Professor Oleander's ties to the Cult while they were working together long ago, but a behind-the-scenes investigation will soon be conducted now that Izaya Tenryou has been dealt with to determine if he can continue to be trusted with such powerful Fakemon under his control.

Base trainer sprites (c) Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
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