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This is probably one of the most complex templates that I've seen created over the past year. Your ideas really come together in a grea...


Creating a fakemon from scratch animation
This is the process behind Glycegulp's creation. Starting with basic(if ugly) line art in MS Paint and using references from Electabuzz, Vileplume, Haunter, Sharpedo, and finally Electrivire to assist in palette as well as shading and shaping throughout, Glycegulp gradually took form and changed from a dual electric/poison typing to a purely electric typing. I'd initially planned for Glycegulp's pose to be one of breaching the surface, hence the upside down frames earlier on before I rotated right-side up and found the effect to be far more appealing. The gray/golden circle pattern on the belly was my attempt at representing a bio-hazard seal, after which I eventually decided upon creating the same striping pattern which Electrivire has down its belly.

In all this process took me about a six days, with three days dedicated to the initial design(which was initially finalized with the dark gray belly) and then about another three to revise and settle upon the final appearance.
8/15: Went ahead and rotated the early line art through coloration panes so that they line up with the flip I'd originally made during the designing process.
Sandaia Full Fakedex, 0/72 slots filled.
Recently I tuned up my Ashido Fakedex design and added a few concept names, which inspired me to look into building the Sandaia region Fakedex as I continue to build the region details itself. For the first time I am incorporating official species into a fakedex with regional-variant sprites and typing.

The frame is scratch. The shadow is pulled from the Izaga'dex, the palette draws from the Izaga'dex for dark gray, Ashido-dex for tans, and Relicanth for browns, the names and numbers from the Izaga'dex, and the pokéball pattern modified from Ashido-dex after my initial scratch design did not look correctly.

This 'dex is split five ways. From slots 01-36 represent the Region Core, where the Shogun, his Samurai, Noble families, and servants reside and the species which they use can be found. From 37-45 represents the Genbu Clan, 46-57 the Seiryu Clan, 55-63 the Baihu Clan, and 64-72 the Suzaku Clan. The Core Dex holds the traditional three-starter line, with the Emperior-species(steel/dragon), the Noble-species(ice/fairy), and the servant-species(ground/poison). Each Clan has their own individual starter line(slots 41- 42- 43, 50- 51- 52, 59- 60- 61, 68- 69- 70), and each Clan has a manifestation of their lore in a bi-split Legendary - for the Suzaku, their phoenix is represented by a Sandaia-variant Moltres and Ho-oh. The Baihu have a regional-variant Raikou paired with an as-yet undetermined fakemon counterpart, and while at this point the Seiryu and Genbu have wholly fakemon legendaries. The order of the Clans is by their preferential treatment by the Shogun, with the assassins of the Genbu being the nearest retainers to his will, and the healing Suzaku being the furthest removed.
In conjunction with the Izaga Region spritedex, I decided it would be helpful to have a listing of the Fakedex descriptions from beginning to end. This will allow me a place to store data accumulated for those who do not yet have entries available as stand-alone submissions because their sprites are as of yet incomplete. In addition I plan to do the same for the Ashido Region once I've updated the empty spritedex with relevant names, IDs, and typing. Consider the below to be the most accurate versions over the original entry information found on the individual pages at present.

Izaga Region Fakedex

001 -- Techibuto
Iron Beetle Fakemon.
Type: Bug/Steel.
Ability: Iron Soul/Intimidate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 4' 4''.
Weight: 150 lbs.
Description: Born with a flexible iron chrysalis in place, Techibuto are dull gray until they begin to near evolution, by which point the pigmentation of their flesh will have gradually softened toward shades of chrome-green. The budding blade-tips extending from their wrists are their only known methods of attack, and so Techibuto have been observed sharpening their weaponry like the Samurai-caste of old on discarded Rhyhorn shards. When their legs toughen up a Techibuto can propel itself around at great speed.
002 -- Tetsubuto
Iron Beetle Fakemon.
Type: Bug/Steel.
Ability: Iron Soul/Intimidate.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 5' 9''.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Description: The toughening helmet which shields their cranium are often utilized for Skull Bash contests amidst adolescent youths. When two Tetsubuto who are nearest to evolution clash they put to use the lengthening sickles on either arm in whirlwind skirmishes to establish dominance, and as a result of the mind-numbing screech which goes up the clash can be heard for miles around. They must find tougher sharpening stones from Rhydon to treat their misshapen sickles in the aftermath.
003 -- Tekkubuto
Iron Beetle Fakemon.
Type: Bug/Steel.
Ability: Iron Soul/Intimidate.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 6' 5''.
Weight: 230 lbs.
Description: Upon immediate evolution, a Tekkubuto will be soft and pliable as it was following hatching as a Techibuto. It takes tremendous reserves of energy to harden its body again and to attain a balance of springy-legs and wind-milling arms, but when the process has completed a Tekkubuto is comparable to a Hitmonlee in terms of flexibility, speed, and strength. They grind their scythes on live Rhyperior as a means of initiating training in the wild, and those that endure this brutal evasive and sharpening process are truly terrors to behold in combat.

004-- Plesame
Magma Plesiosaur Fakemon.
Type: Dragon/Rock
Ability: Flash Fire.
Stage: Basic
Height: 3' 2''.
Weight: 90lbs.
Description: Plesame roamed in the subterranean magma vaults beneath ancient Izaga. They competed with Slugma for molten rock and soil as nutrients and would not be above snacking on any of the rival pokémon that drifted too close. It is believed that Plesame's lack of fully developed tail or fore-fins lead to the extinction of most of the species over time, as sudden volcanic flows during eruptions would jettison any caught in the wake to the surface. Very few fossils have been found of their evolutions below ground. They were resurrected in the modern day by Professor Aspen.
005-- Pleoga
Lava Plesiosaur Fakemon.
Type: Dragon/Rock
Ability: Flash Fire/Rock Head.
Stage: Stage 1
Height: 5' 4''.
Weight: 249lbs.
Description: Studies have indicated that Pleoga evolved near the end of the life-cycle of Plesame as a species. Those who survived the shock of the surface often swam feebly back into the flow to little avail, and were forced to eke out a living hunting for Magcargo up until their time of death.
006-- Plesoguma
Magma Plesiosaur Fakemon.
Type: Dragon/Rock
Ability: Flash Fire/Rock Head.
Stage: Stage 2
Height: 8' 4''.
Weight: 551lbs.
Description: It is debatable whether Plesoguma were numbered in the dozens or the teens in the ancient world. Modern indications show that they are adept at skimming the ocean waves and diving for extended periods of time, a byproduct hypothesized to stem from a purely dragon-type origin before tens of thousands of years fossilizing underground left genetic flaws as a dual dragon/rock type species upon resurrection.

007-- Koriub
Arctic Cub Fakemon.
Type: Ice/Fighting.
Ability: Blistering Tundra.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 3' 3''.
Weight: 65 lbs.
Description: Dwelling in arctic conditions during the previous ice age, many Koriub learned to walk on their hind legs from studying Tyrogue hunting Mamoswine, and as a result developed their own imitation of martial arts to survive. A pack of Koriub working together could wrangle snorting Piloswine into submission, while their evolutions would go on to hunting the weightier choice of specimen. When the sun set they tended to lay together to conserve heat.
008-- Koriorve
Arctic Wolfe Fakemon.
Type: Ice/Fighting.
Ability: Blistering Tundra.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 4' 1''.
Weight: 198 lbs.
Description: All of the muscles strengthened during their youth lead to Koriorve returning to all fours for chasing down prey at blistering speeds. A single swipe of a Koriorve's paw can pack as much of a punch as a modern day Hitmonchan, and it is believed that this in conjunction with their natural urge to run lead to the species roaming in wider and wider circles to hunt until they eventually cracked the icy plates underfoot and were left to drift toward more tropical seas. It is not uncommon for divers around Hawaiian peninsulas to stumble across the remnants of a Koriorve skull today. A few starving Koriorve migrated as far south as the Izaga region during the last ice age where it is believed that they grew strong again on Seel and Dewgong packs sunbathing on the shoreline.
009-- Koriursa
Arctic Fighting Bear Fakemon.
Type: Ice/Fighting.
Ability: Blistering Tundra/Thick Fat.
Stage: Stage 2
Height: 5' 9''.
Weight: 461 lbs.
Description: Koriursa went extinct world-wide around the same point that Mamoswine died off. Since being revived in the modern day Koriursa are known to be ferocious hunters and efficient swimmers. Whether it be on land stalking Meese on their own or in the sea hunting Lapras, a Koriursa is adept at finding its prey and bringing them down with one terrifying swipe of the paw, and they have been known to chase off others of their own kind, including younger Koriorve and Koriub. To help curb their ferocity and strength Professor Oleander developed inhibitor bracelets to be worn on all four paws.

010-- Scyler
Sickle-tip Mantis Fakemon
Type: Bug
Ability: Swarm/Steadfast.
Stage: Basic
Height: 3' 5''.
Weight: 45 lbs.
Description: Much like Techibuto, Scyler have only small blade-like protrusions instead of the great sickles of a Scyther. They follow their evolution around to learn how to hunt, and when a Scyler is deemed mature enough it is sent out on its own and forbidden from returning to the pack until it evolves into a Scyther or dies.
011-- Scycha
Psychotic Mantis Fakemon.
Type: Bug/Psychic
Ability: Swarm/Steadfast
Stage: Stage 2
Height: 6' 1''.
Weight: 145 lbs.
Description: Whenever a Scyther enters the Elysian Fields, the red-wrath that has been known to come upon their species from time to time is greatly amplified. Over time the flux of wroth coupled with the environment induces a mutation in a Scyther's genome that will enable evolution into a Scycha, after which they are cured of their bad temperament for life. Scycha's have been known to wave off insults that would have sent a Scyther into a fury and tend to ignore challenges and trainers alike unless they sense a benefit in response, in which cases have been found where a Scycha can manifest terrible psychic attacks.

Hell-hound Fakemon.
Type: Dark/Fire.
Ability: Flash Fire
Stage: Stage 2
Height: 6' 4''.
Weight: 306 lbs.
Description: Found almost exclusively in the wild around volcanic regions where Terra Shards can be unearthed, Houndades are an extremely proud species who resist all efforts to tame them. Only those who have been reared since pups will concede a measure of obedience on the part of a trainer. From the moment of evolution the calcium deposits that had ceased formation as a Houndoom reactivate, leading to an increased mass of exo-skeletal armor. If this calcium is not trimmed and countered by trainer care on a regular basis over the first six months, the mass will continue to develop and completely surround a Houndades' body - in the wild they will clash and gnaw instead. Some trainers have been known to allow for such rampart growth while carving only enough to enable continued movement, feeding, and sight, to allow for a more haunting appearance.

013-- Koalite
Charcoal Fakemon.
Type: Fire.
Ability: White Smoke
Stage: Basic.
Height: 3' 5 1/2''.
Weight: 210 lbs.
Description: The charcoal shell covering Koalite's back is always smouldering on the inside, sending out plumes of pale smoke from any cracks that appear upon it. If it smoulders without an exit point for a long period of time the shell will eventually explode. Soldiers of the Ashido Militant Rebellion sent such powder-keg Koalites to the front-lines. They are known to docilely follow Torkoal around in search of coal to consume for food, but if a predator threatens them, Koalite is more than able to launch itself around in short bursts of speed like a battering ram.
014-- Torphite
Charcoal Tortoise Fakemon.
Type: Fire.
Ability: Burning Spirit/White Smoke
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 9' 9''.
Weight: 1024 lbs.
Description: A theory goes that ancient Torphite came from the stars and were responsible for the KT Catastrophe that wiped out many ancient pokémon species long ago. The incredibly dense shell that they retreat into and which emits enough natural oxidization to survive for hours at a time even underwater proved that a Torphite launched into the upper reaches of the thermosphere by the Mossdeep Space Center can not only survive re-entry but can deliver a devastating strike equivalent to an atomic bomb upon crashing into the ocean. The flames expelled from the craters in a Torphite's shell can each over 4000 degrees celsius.

015-- Apsna.
Gold-plated Snake Fakemon.
Type: Ground.
Ability: Battle Armor.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 2' 6''.
Weight: 195 lbs.
Description: Believed to be native to the Aenkagi desert region of distant Sandaia, these bejeweled and preciously-armored serpents have been found all across the world guarding ancient ruins and the tombs of dead kings. The gem upon their crown has been found to reflect both the current mood and to act as a homing beacon for any of its brethren nearby, and when hordes of Apsna gather, an Apska soon emerges to drive away thieves and treasure hunters alike. When infuriated their bite is as strong as a Granbull's.
016-- Apska.
Gold-plated King Snake Fakemon.
Type: Ground/Poison.
Ability: Battle Armor.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 7' 2''.
Weight: 452 lbs.
Description: Wherever you find its pre-evolution, Apsna, you will surely find a lone Apska stationed somewhere nearby, oft times buried in the sands at rest with only the jeweled crown peaking up to lure foolish treasure hunters to their doom. Despite its bulk, an Apska can strike in 0.5 seconds, head-bashing the victim to disorient them and then sinking its fangs deep. The poison gestating in its sacks have been found to dissolve dragon scales, let alone human flesh and bone.

017-- Culkor.
Cubone Father Fakemon.
Type: Fighting/Dark.
Ability: Battle Armor
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 5' 2''.
Weight: 196 lbs.
Description: Many native tales describe the despair that drives a young Cubone to pry it's mothers skull from her dead flesh and the anguish it endures until evolution into a Marowak. Yet none seem to ever describe Cubone's father, the Culkor, also known as the Bone Daddy fakemon. Culkor are absolutely vicious predators who seek to devour their own mates as soon as consummation has concluded. Often a Cubone egg will develop and gestate inside of the rotting corpse of its mother, and the terror and pain she endured will pass on to the baby, ensuring a vicious cycle endures and repeats. Wild Culkor have been sighted smashing open newly found eggs and sucking the half-formed embryo out, and when they cross one who stands up to them, if the Culkor survives the following savage attack, it will pluck forth a bone from the loser and wedge it into the collection atop the back of its skull. Ancient cave paintings indicate that Culkor hunted humans just as horrifically as their own fellow species long ago, and it was only the domestication and partnership of flying types that protected the fledgling tribes from extinction.

018-- Nidoliege.
Refined Poison-point Fakemon.
Type: Poison/Dark.
Ability: Sicilian Dosage.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 5' 5''.
Weight: 109 lbs.
Description: A shrewd assistant who steps in to assist Nidoking and Nidoqueen, most Nidoliege are in actuality working to establish dominance over the local pack. The refined poisons that are brewed are specified to match up with each new pack that a Nidoliege incorporates itself into, and given their increased wit and cunning, Nidoliege are rarely confronted by disgruntled deposed-of rulers. They have been shown to brew a hormone mutating poison for their own usage in order to better match the ideals of the Nidoking or Nidoqueen they intend to seduce and be rid of afterward.

019-- Porygon-Q.
Scrambled Data Fakemon.
Type: Normal/Rock.
Ability: Levitate/Trace
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 3' 4''.
Weight: 140.4 lbs.
Description: A Porygon that became caught on a rock-mining server during a thunderstorm, its electronic signal was blasted apart into data packets by an EMP stroke that same night. After reconciling its information again  it was compromised by the damaged server and became unrecognizable by modern pokedexes. Porygon-Q's mind is unable to process high-streams of information at any one time, but it makes up for the lowered throughput by being more resilient to electronic maelstroms and establishing thick firewalls and minefields that would stall a contingent of Porygon-2.

020-- Imunix.
Deep Sea-stone Fakemon.
Type: Water/Rock.
Ability: Sturdy.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 31' 9''.
Weight: 495 lbs.
Description: First hypothesized in Johto as the 'crystal Onix', Imunix were discovered years later between Hoenn and Izaga around hydro-thermal vents, having accidentally bored down into a magma pot and been launched up into the ocean floor by the resultant eruption. Their glossy coated form has been at once smoothed and made even deadlier with jutting obsidian by turns. In a clash between pressurized Imunix and simple Steelix, the potent edge goes to the former.

021-- Jimeneon
Stone Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Rock.
Ability: Reconstitute.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 2' 2''.
Weight: 121 lbs.
Description: Jimeneon are a resilient species and very laid-back in temperament. If a limb weakens from battle damage or simple every-day deterioration and cracks off, they will bring it back to their trainer and then go out in search of similar stones to shape to their liking. Once a new limb is readied they will bond to the new pieces over a day and night. It is thought that their ability to mend themselves leads to an incredibly long vitality, and dating analysis has proven that some Jimeneon's date back to the Edo period.

022-- Erdeon.
Ground Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Ground.
Ability: Sand Stream.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 2' 9''.
Weight: 70 lbs.
Description: Unlike their counterparts Jimeneon, Erdeon are soft as silk sands. They regularly disintegrate under even so much as a strong wind and can only maintain a solid state of being when dampened by rain or bathing, at which point their muddy consistency increases defense at a cost of speed. Legends tell of an army of pet Erdeon serving the estranged Emperor Min of Sandaia that were caught in an inferno and permanently hardened like stone, only to be buried with him when the Emperor died of heartbreak not long after.

023-- Paladeon
Mail-clad Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Steel.
Ability: Battle Armor/Heatproof.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 3' 1''.
Weight: 152 lbs.
Description: The scarlet plumage adorning its brow is said to be reminiscent of the banners carried into battle by warriors of olde. Shortly after evolution, a Paladeon's iron flesh is still soft and malleable, the only period in which it's trainer may - with great care and attention - craft additional plating and minerals into their Paladeon's body. Legend recounts tales of the Golden Paladeon, whose hide bore sparkling plates impervious to the traditional weaponry of the age and served the King of Wales with utmost loyalty a thousand years ago. They were especially sought after by experienced squires seeking to ascend to Knighthood, who would lay a bet upon their Paladeon against their Knight's Rapidash in rounds of jousting. If the squire's Paladeon succeeded, it earned their master fame and freedom in which to rise, where if it was otherwise, they only incurred another year of servitude. Despite only a rare handful of their race obtaining the Heatproof ability upon evolution, most works of art from the Renaissance-era still depict them locked into bitter fiery combat with Charizard, Salamence and even Druddigon.

024-- Senseon
Warrior Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Fighting.
Ability: Limber/Broken Spirit.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 2' 8''.
Weight: 55 lbs.
Description: A dark stigma surrounds the ownership of Senseon, the "Beaten eeveelution". Because it requires a very low happiness threshold, trainers have been known to exploit different methodologies to arrive at that point; poor skill in battle, leading to regular fainting, is considered to be the most 'natural' of these, while more humane routes lie in feeding the Eevee in question bitter herbs among their regular meals. Rare cases have been found of trainers' committing outright abuse until the threshold is met, which often results in a weaker specimen and severe injury and maiming on the part of the trainer. As a result, the International League mandates have been updated to track any pokédex and ID in which an Eevee is registered to a trainer, and if Senseon's entry is logged, the International Police immediately begin an investigation. Senseon's actual abilities are atypical of both its family and its typing, carrying great strength within a rather small frame, and it often compacts the springy limbs and tail close to the body to store up pressure. Even weaker Senseon are capable of amplifying their impact in this manner, but those suffering from Broken Spirit will never hold a candle to their brethren.

025-- Grieveon.
Haunted Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Ghost.
Ability: Cursed Body.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 2' 4''.
Weight: 47 lbs.
Description: If Senseon is the daylight counterpart to Espeon, than Grieveon is the night counterpart to Umbreon. Studies have found that Grieveon typically manifest after it's trainer has died horrifically, the trauma of which causes their Eevee to fall into a state of abject depression and darkening thoughts. When their body has practically starved itself to death after three weeks, it will finally meet the threshold required to induce evolution and transmogrify what remains of the flesh and bones into this ghastly companion. Because it has been denied access to it's trainer even in death, Grieveon will strike out at any who approach. The only known case of a Grieveon evolving without it's trainer's death has been in the case of a long-term coma patient who finally awoke when their Eevee evolved.

026-- Wyveon.
Dragon-offshoot Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Dragon/Wyvern.
Ability: Wyrm Strength
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 3' 4''.
Weight: 81 lbs.
Description : Like the rest of the wyvern sub-type, Wyveon are slick and slim, concealing great strength behind vaster speed. They favor hovering over the ground, tail nipped calmly between their front teeth and paws folded up underneath to give the appearance of a perfect horizontal ring. When it comes time to rest they settle down and slither into a comfortable nook or cranny in the nearby wild where they may commune with nature even in sleep.

027-- Gojirakarp.
Ancient Magikarp Fakemon.
Type: Water.
Ability: Intimidate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 15' 4''.
Weight: 355 lbs.
Description: A ferocious ancient-species brought back to life in the modern day by reverse-engineering Magikarp and Gyarados DNA samples. It savages any other sea-life to enter into its turf and will go so far as to hunt down mates and offspring of the offender for hundreds of nautical miles. It is the first known creature to use the Arceus Plates as a limiter rather than an enhancement, raising the question of what their race did long ago to incur divine wrath.

028-- Meep.
Tiny Moose Fakemon.
Type: Normal.
Ability: Hustle.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 3' 1''.
Weight: 45 lbs.
Description: Meep have been hunted across the great icy planes for hundreds of years. It is believed that early settlers to the Izaga region carried docile Meep with them by the dozen. These small moose like to graze in the Elysian Fields to escape predators, and some Scycha go so far as to shepard them; though if this is for the benefit of the Meep or for the maturing Scylar practicing their stalking technique is still in great debate.
029-- Meese.
Angry Moose Fakemon.
Type: Fighting.
Ability: Intimidate.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 7' 7''.
Weight: 551 lbs.
Description: Man learned long ago to hunt Meese only when food was scarce or they had the benefit of an Arcanine for aid. An enraged Meese is capable of bowling down great pine trees with a single crack of its head and the magnificent rack of horns. As with Koriursa, their ferocity was restrained with inhibitor bands to reduce attacks on roaming trainers around Hakorori City.
030-- Relicaiou.
Longevity King Fakemon.
Type: Water/Rock.
Ability: Sturdy/Intimidate.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 6' 3''.
Weight: 440 lbs.
Description: Since its discovery, Relicanth has been deduced to be among the rare handful that have essentially remained unchanged by the threshold of evolution throughout the ages. At the same time, research produced from the Abyssal Ruins lead to mystifying tablets and plates depicting groups of Relicanth surrounded by numerable and unknown species, in much the same manner that Anorith were known to cling to Armaldo for protection. Theories about what this meant eventually lead to research into the stability of Relicanth's genetic code, and in time it was discovered that it was susceptible to interaction with the Abyssal Ruins' objects to bring forth greater growth and potential in combat. Among these relics however there lies one beyond the others, the Abyssal Tableau, which trigger's for hitherto concealed evolution. Known as Relicaiou after the king's depicted alongside the species on the tablets, Relicanth's evolution has an incredibly dense skull capable of breaking through solid steel cages, and the jagged teeth cast in a perpetual grin can easily grind down all but the most resilient of ancient or modern scales. While capable of swimming on it's four enlarged and hardy fins, it must compensate for the weight of it's skull when it travels for any serious distance, and the fifth fin emerging from it's back as well as the stone-fins at the ends of it's face serve as stabilizers to keep it from tipping over. The exact purpose of the red markings on each side of the body remain unknown, but it is thought to represent a physical warning from the ancient world.

031-- Lucabys.
Judgment Fakemon.
Type: Fighting/Dark.
Ability: Steadfast.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 9' 2''.
Weight: 209 lbs.
Description: Worshiped in ancient times and distant regions as a type of warrior-god of the shadows, Lucabys wielded considerable fame and power over the known world. The Aural-scepter they carried allowed them to view each human about themselves and pass judgment over their deeds in life, and further still to banish those irredeemable into the Torn World as punishment. In time their race matured enough to understand what such power could do, and in a unanimous decision, they retreated to the fringes of human history and fell out of favor and memory until all that remained of their legacy was myth and the statues buried deep beneath the sands. In the modern world, revised accounts speak of them as the Watchers of monsters and men alike. When they find another being burdened by a tainted Aura, they gather together to make a decision; continue watching and waiting, or execute immediately. Much to the darkening of the world, they have tended to react cautiously and with reserve for the sanctity of life more often than not.

032-- Queensaff.
Regal Staff Fakemon.
Type: Dark/Steel.
Ability: Defiant.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 5' 4''.
Weight: 134.8 lbs.
Description: Queensaff were first discovered in an abandoned castle in the Scottish highlands nineteen years ago, directing hosts of Pawniard and Bisharp against opposing Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir and Gallade. No one knows where this intense rivalry stems from, but it is known to be the catalyst for enabling female Pawniard into evolution over time.
033-- Dukatana.
Regal Sword Fakemon.
Type: Dark/Steel.
Ability: Defiant.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 6' 1''.
Weight: 179.2 lbs.
Description: Dukatana have been found to only evolve from Bisharp who have triumphed over Gallade after many years of rivalry. Research has shown that shared DNA from the continual skirmishes wove into Bisharp's and altered the genetic code as if by magic. They are a reserved species holding back a berseker's fury.

034-- Nidhrunch.
Stalking Tyrant Fakemon.
Type: Dragon/Steel.
Ability: Strong Jaw.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 4' 8''.
Weight: 278 lbs.
Description: Nidhrunch co-existed with Tyrunt on many ancient continents and were in constant clash for prey. As such they developed steel plating down their backs and tail and a steel jaw capable of exhibiting biting force in excess of Sharpedo, Garchomp, or Relicaiou combined. The tufts of mane coming from around the head are a rivaling crown meant to intimidate even Tyrantrum. Since being resurrected upon Thulhurai Island, they have taken to hunting the Seuverdax population with gusto.
035-- Nidhlong.
Artificial Tyrant Fakemon.
Type: Dragon.
Ability: Strong Jaw.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 9' 8''.
Weight: 556 lbs.
Description: Scientists looked at Nidhrunch and thought to improve upon its ferocity. As Nidhrunch was already at the end of its natural evolution cycle much like Aerodactyl, its DNA was taken apart and revised with the properties from the numerous Arceus Plates. It shed the bulky steel typing and was given front limbs, a lighter, longer body, and a hunger for other species. Some have compared the resultant creature, dubbed "Nidhlong", an abomination. Others praise the advancement in gene manipulation. Only a handful have ever been produced before the International League shut down the research project.

036-- Hirusparce.
Watching Snake Fakemon
Type: Fairy/Dragon.
Ability: Dreamer.
Stage: Stage 1
Height: 8' 11''.
Weight: 156 lbs.
Description: Old-world cultures worshiped Dunsparce as a sleeping deity. The awakened creature only appears under rare and mysterious circumstances once in a hundred years, becoming Hirusparce temporarily. As such there are little concrete facts to go off of, and efforts to induce a permanent evolution have proven tedious dead-ends. A lost legend speaks of the day when all Dunsparce will awaken at once to drive away the encroachment of the midnight sun.

037-- Onigumo.
Embittered Spider Fakemon.
Type: Bug/Poison.
Ability: Swarm.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 4' 9''.
Weight: 102.5 lbs.
Description: Legend goes that Maikor once captured the spirits of evil men and reforged them into Onigumo as punishment. They certainly appear to have intelligence comparable to man and an unnatural understanding of sin, proving lustful for human women and human-shaped pokémon, especially the Miko who place wards and warnings around Onigumo nests periodically. When confronted by male trainers they weave a subtle web of poison to bog them down and devour them alive.

038-- Ja'ak.
Young Gunslinger Fakemon.
Type: Normal/Steel.
Ability: Insomnia.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 3' 9''.
Weight: 102 lbs.
Description: As inexperienced apprentices, Ja'ak's are always adrift with a sense of urgency as they hone in their practice for real battles fighting off Geodude, Scoropi, and Helioptile in the desert ranges of the world, especially the Aenkagi desert. They cannot resist opening any doors they find to peer in and see if the foe they seek is lurking within.
039-- Eddan.
Gruff Gunslinger Fakemon
Type: Steel/Fighting.
Ability: Anticipation.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 4' 10''.
Weight: 204.4 lbs.
Description: An older and more learned species, Eddan are quick at the draw and rarin' to test themselves in battles no matter how one-sided they appear to be, marching across great spans of the land in search of worthy targets. They recycle their own scrap and that of other steel-types for fresh bullets. The urge to look behind doors has dwindled with maturity as their natural foe can be sensed in the distance.
040-- Rouland.
Last Gunslinger Fakemon
Type: Steel/Dark.
Ability: Surefire.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 6' 6''.
Weight: 231.7 lbs.
Description: Rumor has it that only one Eddan has ever evolved into a Rouland, and that that very same Rouland has marched the world endlessly in search of their elusive foe, Waku. Its skill is unmatched and always strikes first. No trainer has managed to break the cycle which holds Rouland to its course and many have died along the way, earning Rouland a reputation of deadly precision and an automatic message to the pokedexs' of would-be-trainers to steer clear on pain of mortal injury.

041-- Kotsuba.
Bone Horse Fakemon.
Type: Ghost.
Ability: Lethality.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 6' 6''.
Weight: 114 lbs.
Description: In the Feudal Era, these carrion-lords were drawn to the battlefields of Samurai, where they feasted upon the flesh of the dead and cleaned their bones for the Miko and Monks to bury afterward. It is thought that this process preserved the soul of the individual while it lasted, granting many the chance to make amends and beg forgiveness for their sins and failings before they were ferried into the afterlife upon Kotsuba's back.

042-- Waku.
Roaming Darkness Fakemon.
Type: Ghost/Shadow.
Ability: Mirror Gaze.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 6' 5''.
Weight: 41.2 lbs.
Description: Where Waku roam great unrest tends to follow. Civil upset, war, famine, and plague are all believed to be omens of a Waku's presence in the land. The International League has recently begun tracking Waku sightings alongside that of Rouland, believing that the two are tied together and with increasing surety, destined to fight. Whether or not all Waku are one and the same or truly individuals cannot be ascertained.

043-- Seuverdax.
Fake Dragon Fakemon.
Type: Rock/Wyvern.
Ability: Wyrm Strength.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 5' 6''.
Weight: 289 lbs.
Description: Seuverdax are mysterious even insofar as fossil-species are concerned. Whereas many if not all known ancient species resurrected in today's era carry the rock type in lieu of their original attribute, Seuverdax share the ferocity found only in dragon-type species despite lacking any predominant dragon-traits in their genetic code. It is thought that these attributes were lost when Seuverdax went extinct and became bonded with subterranean rock over millions of years. Though they can not fly great distances despite inheriting both wings and the melded Levitate ability, they can hop about very easily in leaps and bounds comparable to an Olympic long-jumper, and are adept at using warm currents to glide from treetop to treetop. A series of terrible accidents on Thulhurai Island twenty years ago condemned the species to public scrutiny and hatred following the failed attempts of the eccentric multimillionaire and fossil resurrection specialist Johnathan Attenborough to run an exhibition park featuring his over-bred and ill-tempered population. The vicious storms and currents surrounding the island prevented rescuers from intervening for nearly a month after the hordes of Seuverdax broke free and began hunting the development crew eagerly. Henceforth, only trainers that have been approved by the Izaga League locally and the International League globally are permitted to attempt the capture of Seuverdax, let alone their horrific evolution.
044-- Seuveranno.
Savage Dragon Fakemon.
Type: Rock/Wyvern.
Ability: Wyrm Ferocity.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 9' 6''.
Weight: 496.2 lbs.
Description: These monstrous dragons have an intelligence that borders on maliciousness and sadistic pleasure. They lay traps for unsuspecting prey and go on rampages to drive their victims into prepared areas, forcing a choice to be made of immediate death or drawn out suffering. When Nidhlong were introduced by scientists Seuveranno finally met its match in terms of challenge and has since been observed finding ways to overcome the Nidhrunch and Nidhlong populations.

045 -- Regitec.
Seeing Statue Fakemon.
Type: Psychic.
Ability: Forewarn.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 6' 7''.
Weight: 329 lbs.
Description: Built by the old-world tribes to host their imagination, Regitec became their computation device and assisted in astronomical calculations. It went silent one day and refused to respond no matter what the people asked or threatened. Regitec was eventually sealed up inside of a forgotten tomb as punishment for betraying the people's desires and there it waits to this day for an awful scenario to follow out the path of a long-ago prediction.

046-- Goliant.
Light-devouring Spider Fakemon
Type: Bug/Dark.
Ability: Great Hunger/Unnerve.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 7' 5''.
Weight: 558.1 lbs.
Description: An eldritch spider that roamed the original Izaga-Ashido region following Izagi, Izami, and Amenushi's creation process, Goliant hunted down any who trespassed into her designated domain and devoured the life-force they bore to fuel her own, until being driven back by the Kami and Asura to the hollows deep underground where she waits to this day. Miners working on the stabilization system for the Uchuushinzou Mountain Range accidentally unearthed Goliant's ancient lair and were forced to retreat when she awoke with a terrible hunger.

047-- Maikor.
Forsaken Fakemon.
Type: Dark/Shadow.
Ability: Hollow.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 12' 6''.
Weight: 668.9 lbs.
Description: The first of the Asura born of Amenushi's discord, Maikor is said to be the greatest of all in terms of abilities and insight into the natures that govern the world. Maikor rebelled against the other Kami and Asura and took to a life of its own decisions, watching and subtly manipulating the events that unfolded over the long centuries. When the rest faded from human memory as anything but myth and idols worshiped at shrines, Maikor remained vigilant in the events of humanity across Izaga, Ashido, and Sandaia and thus never was diminished. It was eventually captured and brought under the allegiance of Sabata Santos.

048-- Adament.
Male Chlorophyl Fakemon.
Type: Rock/Grass.
Ability: Sap Sipper.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 7' 3''.
Weight: 479 lbs.
Description: Despite it's seemingly mossy exterior, Adament is almost ninety-nine percent solid rock beneath, and the upper torso and chest is particularly dense with pigmented plates. A slow creeper running through its core and occasionally breaking through to the surface allows for the nutrients it has collected during slumber to manifest in fresh camouflage even in winter months.  When an Adament requires rest, they will seek out dense forests to nest in and then hunker down for a period of up to thirty years at a time, during which the root-like toes will sink into the ground and allow the creeper to dig deeply into the earth and drink freely. Up to three acres can go missing when particularly low on nutrients, and on occasion the creeper will even dig into the roots of other trees or rival Adament to consume them from the inside out, thus destroying competing foliage and leaving nothing but decay by the time they awaken.
049-- Event.
Female Chlorophyl Fakemon.
Type: Grass/Rock.
Ability: Limber/Sap Sipper.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 3' 7''.
Weight: 82 lbs.
Description: There is no doubt that Event is a diminutive species, but what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in flexible agility and ferocity. A single Event is capable of chasing off a nest of Ekans, who tend to favor the swamplands where she rests for weeks at a time. As with most shrubbery and plant life, she takes nutrition from what sunlight she can find, and when otherwise she will stab one tiny, sharp foot into a wedge in another tree and leach out their collective energy, leaving nothing but a withered husk behind. Like her mossy counterpart, Adament, Event has longed to be reunited despite the vast oceanic trench separating Eastern Izaga and Western Izaga. Now that humanity has bridged the continental gap, the two species have been able to find one another at long last and rekindle lost love.

050-- Shishiath.
Artificial Forsaken Fakemon.
Type: Dark/Shadow.
Ability: Fusion Kindred.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 6' 6''.
Weight: 335.2 lbs.
Description: Considered to be the first breakthrough in the creation of true shadow-type species over a decade ago, Shishiath is a clone of Maikor made in the laboratory of Professor Rachel Oleander with aid from Sabata Santos. Considered a demi-Asura, Shishiath is capable of reproducing with other spirit species to produce more powerful half-breeds than normal. Research from this time contributed to the creation of the artificial Arceus Plates, Shadow Plate and Photon Plate, leading to both Kageon and Hikareon.

051-- Fwlchore.
Sword in the Stone Fakemon.
Type: Rock/Steel.
Ability: Levitate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 3' 9''.
Weight: 230 lbs.
Description: Said to have inhabited the far distant Celtic lands during the Dark Ages, a mischievous Mismagius laid the Welsh King Ur and all his knights swords into one hundred lake-side boulders while they slept, unintentionally awakening the race of Fwlchore. In the long centuries since many a man, woman, and child has tried to pry those magically enchanted swords free to no avail. Only by bathing in the water of its homeland again will a Fwlchore relinquish the blade in its noggin, and even then only to a trainer that has earned its respect.
052-- Caladmore.
Sword from the Stone Fakemon.
Type: Steel.
Ability: Rock Head/Light Metal.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 5' 9''.
Weight: 439.4 lbs.
Description: After centuries of time the sword in its head left mineral deposits throughout Fwlchore's stony flesh, which activated upon the sword's removal and immediate evolution into Caladmore. Considered by some to be an interpretation of the dullahan myth for the head is solid whilst the body hollow, Caladmore are loyal knights and retainers for their trainers, and when paired with Doublade or Aegislash, they make truly impressive pairs. A recent renascence fair has begun reenacting tales from the Welsh kingdoms using such pairings with the addition of Paladeon, Escavalier, and Druddigon to great amusement.

053-- Kageon.
Shadow Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Shadow.
Ability: Doppelganger.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 3' 1''.
Weight: 60 lbs.
Description: Produced by modern research, Kageon have been kept quiet in the wake of the recent XD Incident for fear of misuse and public scrutiny. While gruffer and occasionally moody, Kageon are exceptionally attentive pets well-suited to the rigors of combat and even spying. Their ability to vanish into shadows and emerge literally leagues away is suspected to be a result of dipping into the mysterious Torn World. They have recently become favorites of Ninja trainers as news of the species has been carefully released in measured doses.

054-- Hikareon.
Light Eeveelution Fakemon.
Type: Light.
Ability: Mirage Step.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 3' 2''.
Weight: 32 lbs.
Description: From the moment that evolution completes, a Hikareon will naturally begin amassing a vast store of energy. To this purpose they are often regarded as among the laziest creatures in the world after Snorlax, merely eating and sleeping in regular cycles. When it comes time for combat, however, the energy gathered is expended at a terrifying rate as they seem to warp from position to position on the battlefield and leave behind explosive damage with every touch. The high maintenance required for the proper upkeep of a Hikareon ensures that those who can afford a Photon Plate are put to a thorough background check by the International League before purchase.

055-- Kit'ten
Divine Offspring Fakemon.
Type: Fire/Light.
Ability: Flash Fire.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 2' 8''.
Weight: 91 lbs.
Description: Inheriting the stunning orange flames of its sire, the holy wolf Eromi, and the glistening tawny pelt of its mother, Ninetales, a Kit'ten is graced from birth with elegant radiance. The handful of burning tails will gradually develop and elongate as he or she matures, and like the divided mane atop its head and around its throat, they are modulated in combat by the golden crown growing out of its brow. They are known to be extremely lethargic creatures, preferring to laze about and observe the world surrounding them. Some have said the light-type is responsible for this, and that only an encounter with another light-type will properly spur it into action. Most Kit'ten's are content to attack all other opponents without otherwise moving a paw from where they are resting. The golden bracelets adorning each hind-leg have only baffled modern scientists, who can not figure out what, if any, purpose they serve, only that every Kit'ten born develops them alongside the crown. It is known that they vanish after evolution.
056-- Kursima.
Divine Lion Fakemon.
Type: Fire/Light.
Ability: Flame Body.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 7' 9''.
Weight: 405 lbs.
Description: Of all the precious few light-type species cataloged, Kursima is fiercest and proudest, having inherited the ferocity of its father Eromi and the capricious attitude of its mother Ninetales.  The golden crown adoring its brow as a young Kit'ten has expanded into a facial guard and jutting spikes beneath the chin, while a golden collar emerges from the chest bearing a kitsune charm and the soothing bell used to guide cursed spirits to sleep. The once magnificent plumage of tails have been traded in for the rich mane flowing down its back and over the shoulders and chest, leaving just one tail that is capable of hardening and striking like a medieval mace.

057-- Dynabyte.
Implosive Shark Fakemon.
Type: Electric/Poison.
Ability: Volt Absorb/Poison Touch.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 2' 1''.
Weight: 54.9 lbs.
Description: First found during raids by the International Police upon widespread pharma labs dabbling in illegal munitions productions, Dynabyte consume materials that are too hazardous to the health to be dumped or left untreated for long, and when full conveniently metabolize the waste in a series of implosions. The dubious grin on their faces belies the potential danger they pose.
058-- Glycegulp.
Exploding Shark Fakemon.
Type: Electric/Poison.
Ability: Poison Absorb.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 4' 8''.
Weight: 229.6 lbs.
Description: Capable of consuming the entire toxic spillover from a small city every day, Glycegulp are used around reactor facilities to keep excess Grimer and Muk populations under control, and have been known to even consume the latter when production is slow. Over the course of that day a Glycegulp will pause to vent the built up energy in controlled explosive bursts of electricity, producing the equivalent of 1.21 gigawatts by day's end.

059-- Oronagi.
Snake Kami Fakemon.
Type: Poison/Fighting.
Ability: Sake Influence/Intimidate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 9' 3''.
Weight: 390 lbs.
Description: A snake that assumed the guise of a god and tormented the land long ago. Oft times drunk and volatile, Oronagi finally assaulted the sun goddess Ohirasu, drawing Hayasusa's bitter wrath down upon the entire dominion in which Oronagi dwelt. Drakonwomb Island was carved out of the center of the region and established the decisive split into Eastern Izaga and Western Izaga, leaving Oronagi all to its lonesome across the intervening years.

060-- Eromi.
Burnished Guardian Fakemon.
Type: Fire/Flying.
Ability: Flash Fire/Levitate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 5' 9''.
Weight: 150.9 lbs.
Description: Ohirasu's companion and guardian, Eromi soared through the skies and ran with the Northern Wind across the land to chase off threats. It is believed that Ohirasu grew weary of Eromi's fierce defense and sent the great wolf away so as to open more admirers to her beauty, and thus shunned Eromi obeyed and dwelt in the range of lakes that would come to mirror his form and name over the long centuries. After awakening in the modern day he sought a mate in local Ninetales, and so introduced the breed of Kit'ten into the world.

061-- Kyotsuka.
Frost Incarnate Fakemon.
Type: Ice/Ghost.
Ability: Divinity Abyss/Levitate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 4' 3''.
Weight: 94.6 lbs.
Description: Revered in ancient days as the Kami of Silent Snow, Kyotsuka spent much of her time alone but for other spirits who sought her comforting company. With the lustrious Yasakani-no-Magatama in her hands all the spirit world was laid bare before her sight, and her command over ice grew in magnitude to match the energy siphoned from that plane. Following the end of the war of the Kami and Asura, and Oronagi's separation, she fled to Hakurorrim Lake and dove down to the bottom, allowing her power to run rampart and freeze the lake - and her spirit - whole.
062-- Ohirasu.
Fire Incarnate Fakemon.
Type: Fire.
Ability: Divinity Eruption/Levitate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 4' 6''.
Weight: 121.4 lbs.
Description: Revered in ancient times as the Kami of Burning Flames, Ohirasu prided herself on her prowess and shone with a glow as brilliant as the sun itself at her best, as owed to the sacred mirror shards reflected from her clothing. It is believed that these shards are what lured Oronagi to her along with all the rest of her admirers. She is considered second in strength amidst her brethren only after factoring in Hayasusa's great sword, elsewise her command of fire cannot be matched when her mood is strong. When the region was broken and her family splintered apart, she sought solace with her wolf Eromi in the land where her mother's spirit laid, Western Izaga and the Erom Mountains.
063-- Hayasusa.
Lightning Incarnate Fakemon.
Type: Electric.
Ability: Divinity Storm/Levitate.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 7' 2''.
Weight: 201 lbs.
Description: Revered in ancient Izaga as the Kami of Absolute Lightning, Hayasusa protected his sisters, Ohirasu the sun goddess and Kyotsuka the moon goddess fiercely from the drunken rampages of their distant brother, Oronagi. The great golden wheel hovering behind the back is said to bristle with sparkling electrons at but a single touch of his hand, allowing instantaneous usage of any known electric-type attack. He fought the sword-and-tankard of Oronagi using a blade forged of chain-lightning, the Ame-no-Habakiri, which was later reproduced on an unrelenting scale to carve the Izaga region in twain and permanently exile Oronagi from the rest of their family. It is said that when the anguish of his parents reached its apex and they sealed themselves into the splintered land, Hayasusa felt immense guilt and departed for the farthest edge to carve a new island for self-exile.

064-- Drifberg.
Zeppelin Fakemon.
Type: Ghost/Flying.
Ability: Unburden/Flare Boost.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 8' 2''.
Weight: 159.9 lbs.
Description: These large zeppelin-like spirits can play host to a handful of people at a time and fly high into the atmosphere. They were all the rage eighty years ago until a rogue Drifberg carrying rich Unovan merchants caught afire out of spite and fell out of the sky, killing its passengers. Since then Drifberg have gone out of style and very few are ever seen today.

065-- Dryaduvet.
Disguised Cotton Fakemon.
Type: Grass/Fairy.
Ability: Growth/Chlorophyll.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 5' 8''.
Weight: 71.2 lbs.
Description: Free-spirited and childlike, Dryaduvet like to run around in forested areas and play games with passersby. When they find lost or lonely travelers they offer to guide them back to civilization, and will offer the fluff of their bodies on cold winter nights.

066-- Mushrodo.
Burning Mushroom Fakemon.
Type: Grass/Fire.
Ability: Effect Spore/Flash Fire.
Stage: Stage 2.
Height: 6' 2''.
Weight: 145.6 lbs.
Description: Mushrodo spit fire and flame that is more akin to acid, and with their deadly precision are not to be reckoned with without due protection. They thrive in the Pillars of Ohirasu and are stubborn enough to take on wild Charizard.

067-- Izami.
Fallen Creation Fakemon.
Type: Water/Psychic.
Ability: Separation of the Heart.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 11' 10''.
Weight: 660.6 lbs.
Description: By entwining the fingers of her left hand into her husbands right, the halo at her back will become infused with the nature of creation, and allow for miracles to be brought forth. New pokémon are born from their unity, or old ones reincarnated into new eggs, while wounds presented before them are sealed and injury regenerated from. Because of their immense powers, they roamed the Izaga region and sought to keep a measure of peace. However, after breaking apart due to an incurable disagreement invoked by Hayasusa, their strength was lost, and in sorrow each fled to the opposite ends of the sundered land and faded into obscurity- severing the ties to a physical body and pressing their aching spirit into the broken land in the end.
068-- Izagi.
Isle Creation Fakemon.
Type: Water/Psychic.
Ability: Rebirth.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 11' 9''.
Weight: 629.1 lbs.
Description: He balances in mid-air with an aura of righteous ease, and though he has hips, the legs are a singular loop of muscle and bone beneath it in a pose attributed to Buddhism. The clear azure eyes hold a measure of calm, but a scarred grimace forever more mars his mouth, and the draconic aspects that manifested in the wake of the Sundering Sorrow will never fully clear again.

069-- Yougre.
Baby Sea Basin Fakemon.
Type: Water.
Ability: Water Absorb/Hydration.
Stage: Basic
Height: 4' 3''.
Weight: 145.9 lbs.
Description: Yougre are the reincarnated form of a dying Kyogre. They lack the intense and wary yellow gaze that comes with maturity, holding on to the innocence of youth, and splash about in the oceans with any other water type near them. They are unable to summon intense rain, but they make up for it with their extremely agile frame, cutting through the sea and sweeping up tidal waves when threatened.
070-- Youdon.
Baby Continent Fakemon.
Type: Ground.
Ability: Flash Fire/Blaze.
Stage: Basic
Height: 4' 11''.
Weight: 140.3 lbs.
Description: Youdon are the reincarnated form of a dying Groudon. Unlike their free-spirited counterpart, Yougre, a Youdon retains their cautious golden gaze, and seek solitude over the comfort of its fellow ground or even fire types. In exchange for the power to freely play with the shape of the land, they can still summon burning geysers with a swing of their tail, and wherever they nest for an extended period of time will eventually give rise to fresh pools of magma and obsidian.
071-- Youza.
Baby Sky High Fakemon.
Type: Dragon.
Ability: Levitate.
Stage: Basic
Height: 4' 9''.
Weight: 142.3 lbs.
Description: Youza are the reincarnated form of a dying Rayquaza. Lacking the flying type, a Youza gleefully hovers and zips about, but when pushed will quickly take a stern outlook and spit out pulses of power in warning. They favor meteor scrapings for meals.

SECRET FILES - Classified.

International Region database authorization under designation "Champion" or equivalent for below registry and display.
072-- Mewthree.
Undead Mew Clone Fakemon.
Type: Ghost/Psychic.
Ability: Eternity.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 6' 8'.
Weight: 276.2 lbs.
Description: A Mewtwo that has grown so telepathically potent that their power exceeded their physical body and immolated the flesh off of their bones. A terrible psionic energy has replaced their skin and portions of their degraded skeletal system. It is widely regarded as the strongest psychic being in the known world. Champion Soryu is the only known trainer to befriend and capture Mewthree.

073-- Aeon.
The All Eeveelution.
Type: Prime.
Ability: At Will.
Stage: Stage 1.
Height: 4' 2''.
Weight: 108 lbs.
Description: Arceus is believed to be the first pokémon in existence to hold the prime type, which was lost when it created the Arceus Plates and spread their power across the cosmos to create. The birth of Aeon is the second time that a species has been classified as holding the prime type, allowing it to change species into any prior recorded eeveelution per the Plate that is held.

074-- Kyurem.
Immense Boundary Fakemon.
Type: Dragon/Ground.
Ability: Hero's Choice/Dragon Nature.
Stage: Basic.
Height: 20' 6''
Weight: 2159.5
Description: In the far-away land of Unova, dedicated research brought about by the legendary Tao trio's revival discovered Kyurem's natural wish to become one again with its divided halves, Zekrom and Reshiram. Work produced in that time by Professor Juniper and the criminal Colress eventually perfected the DNA Splicers and found a means of conditionally combining the Tao trio into a single being again. Champion N is the only known trainer to have befriended the Origin Forme and analysis indicates that Kyurem is becoming steadily and permanently whole under N's guidance.


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You're welcome. I did see a couple of other cool things you made so I faved those too.
Lucky-LB-Artz Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Student Artist
Thanks a lot ^-^
Southrobin Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017
Thanks for the faving my pokemon fanart! :iconlopunnyplz:
If you wanted, you can always follow for more in the future! :hug:
ZedKalEios Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017
You're welcome.
And I'll keep that in mind.
Starofnights Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please note that the group Fakemon-Fighters is collecting art for a pokemon fangame.
ZedKalEios Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017
Yeah I noticed that after I looked into the group. Its fine so long as you give credit in your game.
DeeFlow21 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave! :D (Big Grin) 
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