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Izaga Dex 068, Izagi, Creator form. by ZedKalEios Izaga Dex 068, Izagi, Creator form. by ZedKalEios
Creator form
Isle Creation Fakemon.
Type: Water/Psychic
Ability: Rebirth
Stage: Basic.
Height: 11' 9''.
Weight: 870 lbs.
Evolution line: Izagi [Suffering]> Withered form [Purification] > Izagi.

Izaga Dex entry: By entwining the fingers of his right hand into his wife's left, the halo growing out of his back will become infused with the nature of creation, and allow for miracles to be brought forth.

New pokemon are born from their unity, or old ones reincarnated into new eggs, while wounds presented before them are sealed and injury regenerated from.

Because of their immense powers, they roamed the Izaga region and sought to keep a measure of peace. However, after breaking apart due to an incurable disagreement invoked by Hayasusa, their strength was lost, and in sorrow each fled to the opposite ends of Izaga and faded into obscurity- severing the ties to a physical body and pressing their aching spirit into the broken land.

Creator form: It balances in mid-air with an aura of righteous ease, and though it has hips, the legs are a singular loop of muscle and bone beneath it in a pose attributed to Buddhism.

The clear azure eyes hold a measure of calm, but a scarred grimace forever more mars it's mouth, and the draconic aspects that manifested fully in its Withered form can still be spotted even in the natural and healthy Creator form.

Ability Dex entry: Rebirth: Heals all team members by up to half of their maximum health points every three turns, if they are active. If fainted, it fails to take effect.

Base sprites (c)Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
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May 10, 2012
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